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    Beyaz hardal tohumu

    19000.00 TL
    Saflık 97%, GDO, pesticit içermez. Menşei Rusya.
    Minimum stock qty: 22
    Satıcı Bilgileri
    Firma Açıklaması:

    We offer a wide range of agricultural commodities for human consumption and animal feed:

    - oilseeds (flaxseed, mustard seeds Brassica Juncea, SInapis Alba, camelina seeds, oilseed radish)

    - grains (buckwheat, millet)

    - pulses (yellow peas, vetches)

    Quality: admixture max 3%, non-GMO. Package: bulk, big-bags, smaller package.

    Geographic service area: Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Russia, Africa, Asia. Delivery by road, rail, sea.

    Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to satisfy your request.

    Beyaz hardal tohumu (Brassica Alba). Saflık 97%, GDO, pesticit içermez. Menşei Rusya, Tatarstan. FOB Novorossiysk, CIF, DAP Türkiye.