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    Table set

    1750.00 TL
    Table set + four metal chairs, modern model
    Minimum stock qty: 500
    Vendor: Türkiye
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    الشركة التركية لصناعة وتجارة الاثاث – تسوق من تركيا بأسعار الجملة.

    MDF wood.
    Available in wood, black, ceramic and white colours.
    Table height 70 cm.
    Table width 70 cm.
    Table length 110 cm.
    Wood thickness 5 cm.

    the chair

    Modern and versatile design.
    The weight of the chair is light, and it is easy to disassemble and install.
    It has a carrying capacity of up to 120kg per person.
    Does not scratch the floor.

    Production place: Türkiye

    Wholesale sale directly from the factory.
    Free shipping is available to all states and countries.