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    Sunflower oil

    6.00 TL
    We supply high quality sunflower oil from Tatarstan in 5L bottles (now the price is 6$ FOB) to the free zone of Mersin, Turkey. You can pick up it from warehouses and transport to your country. We can supply up to 7000 tonnes per month. If you are interested please contact us. +375336314563 whatsapp
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    We supply high quality sunflower oil from Russia to the free zone of Mersin, Türkiye. You can pick up it from warehouses and transport to your country. The cost for a 5 liter bottle is $6 now FOB. Feel free to message us. 

    Our oil is from the largest manufacturer of vegetable oils in the Republic of Tatarstan, which means there is no doubt about the quality of the products offered. All changes in vegetable oils undergo multi-stage control, which is confirmation of the excellent quality of the products. For the production of oils, unique modern equipment is used, which allows you to preserve all the beneficial properties, while all manufactured products comply with standards and regulatory and technical requirements. We sell sunflower and rapeseed oil. Oils are obtained by pressing, which meets the requirements and standards developed during the production process.

    Explore the exquisite quality of our sunflower oil, a culinary delight perfect for enhancing your dishes. Sourced from premium sunflower seeds, our oil is meticulously extracted to preserve its natural goodness. Immerse yourself in the light, nutty flavor and golden hue that define our sunflower oil. Ideal for cooking, frying, and dressing, it adds a touch of sophistication to every culinary creation. Packed with heart-healthy nutrients, our sunflower oil not only elevates the taste but also supports a balanced lifestyle. Elevate your culinary experience with our premium sunflower oil – a choice that combines quality, taste, and well-being.