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    Pearl bag

    30.00 TL
    Pearl bag Women's Retro Faux Pearl Embellished Beaded Box Bag Handmade Bag heart bag
    Minimum stock qty: 1
    Vendor: Firi Aksesuar
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    Firma Açıklaması:

    %100 el yapımı boncuk çanta

    Diameter 40
    Height 30

    -Simple and stylish white pearl super mini bag with hand sewn beading, comes with beautiful cream faux pearls.
    -You can take it with you everywhere, keep your whole suit stylish, Minimalism, elegance or casual.
    -Each bead is lovingly woven by skillful hands, so each bag is unique and special.

    -Elegance, Timeless design
    - hand sewn beads
    - high quality faux pearl
    - minimalist design
    - mini bag

    As this product is handmade, please allow minor variation in design.

    If you need warehouse, please contact us, we will give you the best price, best quality, most trendy style.