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    Natural Pure Olive Oil Soap

    5.95 TL
    Pure Olive Oil Soap and Natural Herbal Soap Organic Olive Oil Soap
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    100% olive oil soap, which has been in use for nearly 3000 years and which we produce with olive oil produced from the fertile lands of our Anatolia. Natural cold squeeze first class produced with olive oil (0.5 acids). It contains no additives except our love!

    Soap made with olive oil is a quality detection tool. The greener the soap color, the poorer oil is used in soap making. The lighter the color of soap, the higher the quality of the oil used. We're happy to be in front of you with a bar of white soap.

    - Suitable for use by individuals of all ages.
    - Pure olive oil soap is effective against hair loss.
    - It is a natural moisturizer that prevents the peeling of the skin.
    - Effective in removing unwanted stains.
    - It is effective in removing cracks that occur on the surface of the skin.
    - Gives vitality and sparkle to the skin.
    - Olive oil soap, which is more effective especially on dry skin, is also preferred for each skin structure.
    - Removes allergic effects due to excessive sensitivity to the skin.
    - It makes the skin look healthier and feel refreshed.
    - It is safe to use even babies because it does not contain chemicals.
    - Over time, accumulated on the surface of the dead skin layer provides removal.
    - Gives the skin a feeling of softness, creates the impression of a silky layer.
    - Reduces the formation of acne, especially in the face region, prevents acne with regular use.
    - Reduces hair loss by accelerating circulation in the scalp.
    - Prevents dandruff.
    - Regular use allows you to get more voluminous and vibrant hair.
    - It makes hair grow faster.
    - It nourishes the hair thanks to its dense vitamin E.