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    Hidrolik Sıkıştırmalı Çöp Kamyonu / Hydraulic Garbage Compactor

    55000,00 TL
    Hydraulic Garbage compactors are mounted on the truck chassis with necessary equipment that are including pressing and discharging curtain, tailgate, container lifting system. Hydraulic equipment and control units are driven by PTO. Hydraulic Garbage Compactor System will be compatible with truck of customer.


    •   Body floor made from  ST-52 steel sheet material.
    •   Body ceiling shall be made from ST-37 steel sheet material and it supported with u-bar.
    •   Side walls shall be made from ST-52 steel sheet material.
    •   There will be auxiliary chassis under the body which is  made from ST-52 material and It will mounted flexible coupling.
    •   The compression - discharge curtain will be slid on U-shaped profile to move along the body.
    •   There is a receptacle under the body to discharging waste water.
    •   Body’s floor materials will be proper to take down when it's necessary.



    •   The rear cover shall be connected to the body by the hinge on the rear top and opened upwards by the hydraulic cylinders. The back cover will lock automatically when closed.
    •   Tailgate’s bunker shall be made from ST-52 steel sheet material and the garbage loaded here will be compressed by a compression mechanism driven by double acting hydraulic cylinders.
    •   In order to provide the leak proof to body, a rubber gasket, between the back cover and the body will be installed. Rubber gasket will be not affected by acids. The gasket will be connected to the back cover to prevent damage when discharge.
    •   The back cover shall be hinged internally. There will be gasket between the rear cover and the body.
    •   There will be a folding hinged safety restraint between the tailgate and the body, which can be used when maintenance is carried out and can be opened by intervention from one side.

    The rear cover cylinders shall be equipped with a safety valve to prevent the valve from falling down due to a fault when the cover is open.

    •   Clasps placed under the behind of  body.Hydraulic Cylinders, Tailgate’s Clasps  and Locks placed in the same axis to prevent  swagger and multiplication.
    •   Pressing Mechanism placed Tailgate’s side walls.It will occured ejector cylinder and bucket cylinder, that can move rectilinear.
    •   The cylinders will be placed out of the bucker and the garbage will be taken into the body by the pushing force of the cylinders and more pressing  will be obtained by using less energy.
    •   There will be a switch with voice to warning operator, people and the environment when tailgate was opened.



    •   Curtian shall be made from ST-52 and ıt's easy mountable.
    •   The curtain will be easy to install, resistant to corrosion and acids.
    •   The curtain will be moved with a double-acting telescopic cylinder and will stop at the rear end when the case is empty.
    •   The valve will create a high pressure on the curtain ,thus garbage will press.
    •   The pressing-discharge curtain will move to the side of the body placed on the profile.



    •   Hydraulic system works by the hydraulic pump, which in turn should work through the mechanisms of PTO. The first quality gear pump will be used, and ıt will be controlled from the car's cab.
    •   When the back cover is closed, the telescopic cylinder and vehicle body will be controlled with the safety valve system preventing the curtain from moving towards the rear of the vehicle.
    •   Oil Tank capacity will be provide to operate all hydraulic equipments.
    •   All Hydraulic Cylinder Pipes will be seamless pipe mill DIN 2391 C norm.
    •   Tailgate opening-closing and pressing-discharging stroke will be provided with manual control valve with serial nipple and safety valve attached to the front of the chassis.
    •   Control valves shall be resistant to at least 200 bar pressure. Valves shall be of the best quality.
    •   All piping that used are proper DIN 2391C standarts. EO type ferrule couplings will be used in pipe joints.
    •   Suction Hose will be proper SAE 100R4 standarts.



    •   The garbage loaded with the hydraulic control ; garbage loading device is loaded into the body under favour of button.Then , through the ejector cylinder and             bucket cylinder garbage move inside of body.
    •   Control box will be durable for environmental effects.
      •   Ejector cylinder and bucket cylinder’s movement limit provied by limit and pressure switch.
      •   System Rational Cycle provide by     printed-circuit card.
      •   When Pressed Button start the compression can be done once or continuously.
      •   In the control box, there will also be a driver warning knob and an emergency stop button.
      •   There will also be an emergency stop button on the tailgate to alert the driver regardless of the emergency stop button in the control box. In the driver's cab also the warning buttons will be audible and illuminated.
      •   Hydraulic equipment and control system will be designed that when the emergency button is pressed, it’s stops at the begining point.
      •   For unloading, the control levers present in front of the case tailgate shall be opened and moved towards the backwards.



      •   There  will be a hydraulically controlled garbage lifting system to proper for 120/240 /1100 lt plastic container and that lifts the garbage bin and unload it into the refuse truck.



      •   Garbage  lift system
      •   Mudguards
      •   Rear projector for night shift
      •   Driver warning horn
      •   Rotary and flashing beacon
      •   Non-slip, foldable type worker carriage step
      •   Aesthetic cover sheet covering the back cover side walls
      •   Ladder



      •   After all surfaces are sanded and cleaned, 2 layers of primer and final layer paint will be applied.
      • WARRANTY

        •   1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.