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    FM200 Gas Cylinder Solenoid Actuator Valve C/W Manual Valve

    1900.00 TL
    The removable electrical actuator locates to the top of the container valve. 24 v dc is required for solenoid operation. Provision is made for the connection of a manual actuator to the top of the actuator assembly. Due to the design of the bridge rectifier it will operate regardless of how it is wired up; the positive supply from control panel can be connected to either terminal 1 or 2 with the reverse for the negative supply. The removable electrical actuator has a life span of 10 years from manufacture, which is indicated on the label.
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    Fm200 valve: It is the part which is placed inside the cylinder and provides the control and control of the pressurized gas in the cylinder. It is used to discharge the gas in the tube through the connection hose. 1 tur ası and 2 ec-fm200-novec1230 valve is available. It has a working pressure of 25 bar and 42 bar. Protection disc is available in case of high pressure. There is a pressure gauge for pressure control on the valve. In case of sudden pressure increases, the disc is torn and gas is released. The Fm200 valve is manufactured in 150 bar pressure resistant hot pressing method.

    Technical Information Body: Mild Steel & Dull Nickel Swivel nut: Brass CZ121 Actuation Pin: Stainless Steel Actuation Type: Latching Reset Requirement: Manually via Reset Tool supplied Connection: 1” BSPP Brass Nominal Voltage: 24 v dc Nominal Current: 0.25 A Max. Monitoring Current: 25 mA Manual Actuation Force: 50 N (11.24 Ibf) Nominal Pin Travel: 4.4 mm (0.17”) Electrical connection: 3-pin plug connector Back EMF Protection: Bridge Rectifier Certification: CE