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    Dolomite, limestone

    600.00 TL
    Dolomite is a mineral formed in limestone (CaCO3) by localisation of MG together with Ca.
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    Areas Of Use
    Depending on its physical and chemical structure, dolomite has more than 30 uses. Due to its physical qualities, Dolomite is especially used in road construction (Road, railway) and concrete construction. When it comes to benefiting from its chemical qualities, a much wider area of use is emerging. Because of the MGO it contains, Dolomite is used in agriculture (fertilizer making, soil reclamation), brick, cement, dolomitic uninspiring lime, glass, soda industry. It is an important raw material as a filler in chemical industry, including paint in Basta. In addition, filtration processes alkaline and ferrosilicon production and gene has an important use as whitener in chemical industry. But the main consumption area is iron and steel industry. It is used in the production of refractory materials and as slag maker flux in this sector. Recently, dolomite has been replaced by magnesite during the construction of fire resistant bricks in the priming of blast furnaces by refractory. Domestically, dolomite as a refractory material was first introduced in 1954.D.O. It was used in their businesses. Today, it is used in all foundries working with the basic method for this purpose. When used as flux in the iron and steel industry, it is a very important raw material with the ability to ensure the transfer of unwanted empurities such as sulfur to the slag in addition to its slag-forming properties. In addition, it has been used extensively in the landscape sector in the last ten years.