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    Demirdöküm Aden 3 Bar Emniyet Ventili

    24.00 TL
    Demirdöküm Aden 3 Bar Emniyet Ventili
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    Our company established in Turkey and manufactures aluminum and zamak castings , parts to inland and international customers for 15 years. Our company specialized in aluminum and zinc alloy casting, meets the demands of our customers in the best way. We have serious and long business relationship with many respected companies.
    We produce parts according to customer design. We give full service by our experienced team, like drawing technical pictures of parts, finding which material is good for that specific part, producing molds, and deliver the finished product. We can give all these services very fast. We fulfill your company's demands in the best way. We want long-term business relation with customers. We will fulfill your demands in the best way. Our company's web address is