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    1000.00 TL
    customizable or ready-made product orders can be produced quickly with high capacity.
    Minimum stock qty: 10
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    Don't get confused as the displayed price is for 1 letter only. Get in touch before placing your order to get a mock-up of your sign along the calculated price. The price can only be calculated on the account of all details submitted i.e Text, Font, Color and Acrylic shape. We have the best neon quality along quick customer service. Write us and receive price for your sign and a free mockup.

    Neon signs are hand-made products made up of LED strips, silicon flex tubes, and acrylic shape. Neon signs are the best type of decoration for homes, weddings, shops, offices, etc as well as they are much liked as a gift that can be gifted to anyone such as family, friends, etc.

    Furthermore, neon signs can make your life colorful along you personal space. The color of the neon sign creates adds mind-blowing hues to the place where they're installed.

    Package box includes a neon sign, screws for mounting on the wall, a remote for adjusting brightness, and a 12V power adapter to light up the sign.

    Please select text, font, color, and acrylic shape of the sign before placing an order. You can view color and font charts from images.

    Crafted and shipped in with fasted shipping option in 3-4 working days.