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    Biomass press

    685000.00 TL
    Biomass press ensures that all the biomass in the environment together with the less available products can be comporesses with pressure to become more stable structure
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    Established in 2011, our company produced briquette charcoal, wood tar wood gas and vinegar, and it was thought that it would be beneficial to work on gasification while evaluating the gas produced during pyrolysis. There is a successfully completed TUBITAK SME R & D project numbered 7120644 entitled Gasification of Solid Wastes in the Broiler Production and Evaluation of the Ash as Fertilizer. Our company's expertise is aimed at converting the gasifier to the disposal system of treatment sludges and the Tubitak SME R & D project titled Obtaining Thermal Energy from Treatment Sludges 7151538 and Investigation of the Use of Biochar as Fertilizer has been successfully completed. The Tübitak SME R & D project, 7180814, which is about obtaining syngas and biochar from agricultural biomass, using the syngas obtained in the rotary kiln for drying and sterilizing, and evaluating biochar as agricultural input, continues.  



    Both ecinimic and environmental benefits are gained by making the compacted solid blocks more efficient in terms heat calories and combustion timing

    It is a machine which fully serves the purpose of obtaining renewable energy and at thte same time it provides a multi-faceted profit.

    In the operating system, the wastes filled into the material filling unit are automatically transported by the machine to the compaction chamber by the screw conveyor and the compression process proceed in succession. When the product return to the biomass are discharged automatically from the compaction chamber, the system is continuous.

    There is a very powerful hydraulic drive unit. It can be produced fully and semi-automatically.

    Maintenance offers ease of use and renewable energy