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    Bebak Disinfectant Spray

    169,00 TL
    Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray with Vitamin E Hand Sanitizer
    Minimum sipariş adeti: 5000
    Satıcı Bilgileri
    Email: hekmat@smartektr.com
    Firma Açıklaması:

    Smartek is established as a service provider company in the heart of Istanbul / Turkey with direct connection with more than 48 factories in several industries. 


    With our vast product portfolio from our producers and our vast experience in private brand process management, we are a reliable business partner that is indispensable to our customers. 


    We have chosen as our business model to provide the right product and service at the most reasonable cost, at the right time in order to ensure that our customers achieve their success and business goals. 


    Being a part of the leading manufacturing groups in Turkey together with our global business relationships puts us in an excellent position with enriched portfolio and R&D advantage. In this respect, we provide our customers with world-class products and services easily and continuously. 

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